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What is the future development of polyurethane tpu?
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The economic development in recent years has made polyurethane TPU an attractive new product in the field of spinning cots. At present, there are not only domestic enterprises specializing in R&D and production of polyurethane TPU, but also some enterprises that originally produced rubber rollers, which also take TPU polyurethane as a new project to carry out scientific research. Textile equipment companies all hope to seize the opportunity in new fields and lay a technological advantage for future development.

The excellent wear resistance, strength and elasticity of TPU polyurethane have been continuously confirmed by some studies, and the spinning experiments carried out at the same time also show that polyurethane TPU has good spinning performance.

However, as a new product, the promotion and application of polyurethane TPU is not ideal. Is there any resistance to the development of polyurethane TPU, or is this new technology going through an inevitable stage of development, or is there any technical defect in itself?

New things are often difficult to break through the original frame, and polyurethane TPU is the same. Compared with nitrile rubber rollers, polyurethane TPU is a brand new product. Its promotion requires enterprises to have an open concept during the trial process, and cannot be limited by the various usage habits of nitrile rubber rollers. Inclusive and open minded. Its development also requires the vigorous promotion of people of insight in the industry.

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The biggest advantage of polyurethane TPU lies in its high strength, high wear resistance and high elasticity. In this way, the polyurethane TPU with the same hardness has a longer service life than the nitrile rubber roller, which greatly prolongs the grinding cycle.

In the case of low hardness, polyurethane TPU also has high strength and high wear resistance; and low hardness can significantly improve the CV value of yarn, reduce equipment pressure, reduce equipment wear, break the traditional theory of large pressure, achieve energy saving, The effect of power saving, thereby improving the competitiveness of enterprises.

At present, the production capacity of compact spinning in my country is in a period of growth. Polyurethane TPU can fully exert its own advantages, first obtain opportunities in the field of compact spinning, and further expand the scope of production practice. With the gradual promotion of compact spinning, polyurethane TPU is gradually promoted to ring spinning with its excellent quality and sufficient production practice.

Polyurethane TPU can be said to be a new bud in the field of textile rubber rollers, giving companies that use rubber rollers one more choice. At present, the high wear resistance and high strength of TPU polyurethane have left a deep impression on the enterprises that have tried it.

The future development of polyurethane TPU mainly depends on the large-scale and long-term use status. Even if it is just applied now, it is impossible to draw conclusions about its future development.

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